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What’s the Best Deal On Business Cards?

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professional business cards in virginia beach

What’s the Best Deal On Business Cards?

Three years ago when we started our company, it was a web design company. That’s all. After a few months we realized we could be more, and over that year we emerged as an “ad agency for small business”. I think the second product we began offering was business cards. We made our own cards and we were getting compliments on them everywhere we went. Today, of all the different things our agency offers (SEO, web design, hosting, printing, consulting, distribution, etc), business cards are what we sell the 3rd most of. I love designing and printing business cards for local businesses because it’s easy work, quick turnaround and a low cost for a very high-quality product.

Why are business cards one of our best selling products? I think it’s because of the quality of our cards quite simply. The quality for the value can’t be beat. Many businesses get their cards online from places like Vistaprint… and their cards aren’t terrible, but they’re also not professional. They look nice from a distance, but up close in your hand Vistaprint’s products are a little flimsy and cheap feeling. A lot of other small businesses opt to get their business cards printed from a local print shop. These are great for people who need gold stamping and specialty cards. But for the average Joe who just wants a nice looking branded card on high-quality durable paper stock the local print shops are usually a little pricey. Nice work, but expensive. Vistaprint… low quality and inexpensive. What Commonwealth Creative Marketing does, is take high-quality, durable card stock and print colorful high-end ink digitally onto a UV-coated semi-gloss or non-gloss paper stock. It’s affordable and it looks amazing. Is there any downside? Only that it may take up to a week to fulfill an order because quality takes time. So if you have a week to wait, we’ll save you money and deliver you a top-notch business card product you’ll keep coming back for. Count on CCM for the best business cards in Virginia Beach.

You can learn more about our business card options and pricing by visiting CCM’s business card page.