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Link Building

A link-building campaign…

is highly important for any small business website and here’s why:

Having a website that looks nice, has a good call-to-action and keywords with nice title tags, page titles and links is wonderful, but… all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing also weigh outside factors quite heavily. The most important of those outside factors is the number of quality links going to your website from credible sites using relevant keyword terms and phrases. For instance you might look at your site and compare it to your competitor’s site and argue that your site is better but their site might show up on page #1 of Google and your’s is nowhere to be seen. This is likely because your competitor has many more quality links going to their site while you may not. Say you own a drain cleaning business… your competitor may have a site such as (for example) linking an article back to their website with the term “dependable plumber” for example. Google will see this as a highly credible link and reward them for it. A good link-building campaign focuses on generating many quality keyword links from other credible websites that link to your website. This is done with a variable recipe of directory listings, blogging, carefully crafted press releases, link optimization and more aimed at building your site up as an “Authority Site” in the eyes of Google.

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