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Mobile Digital Advertising

Mobile Digital Advertising in Virginia Beach

Rent for your event anywhere in Virginia or rent advertising space on Virginia Beach Blvd

Commonwealth Creative Marketing is proud to offer Digital Billboard truck service to Hampton Roads in our continued effort to help market your small business. These days it’s a struggle to stand out in all the advertising noise. Using digital mobile billboards, we can drive your message to where your customers are. Boost brand recognition with eye catching visuals that can’t be skipped and increase sales and revenue by being at the top of mind of your customers. Rent out all three panels of the truck for yourself or rent by the minute or hour etc.

Digital Mobile Advertising

Maximize Your Advertising Efforts

Digital Mobile Billboards are Effective and Affordable

Advertising on a truck will fill the “gap,” providing comprehensive coverage that will complement and enhance existing advertising efforts making your existing marketing campaign more efficient and effective. Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day from every direction. When people are out driving around, they will have their eyes on the road. So you might as well also have their eyes on your ad!

Why Choose a Digital Mobile Billboard?

Digital mobile advertising leverages the power of innovation, location, and eye-popping imagery to drive impact and engagement between your message and your audience.

  • Out-of-home advertising reaches 99% of consumers during an average week
  • Average consumers spend 20+ hours driving each week
  • Provides 15 times greater name recognition than any other form of media
  • 96% more impactful than static billboards
  • 97% recall rate with the customer

Interested in what Digital Mobile Billboard Advertising could do for your business? Call CCM today and learn more!

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