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Social Media Management

Social Media & Your Business

So you understand the importance of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter… but you don’t have the time to mess with it. We understand. This is a common predicament for a lot of small businesses. You need someone else to manage it for you. You need social media help. Cutting to the chase… this is a service we offer.

Our philosophy is always that: “No one knows your business and client base better than you, so there’s no one better than yourself to manage your social media presence.” However, there are always reasons that people simply don’t have the time or resources available to add this growing importance to their marketing repertoire. That’s where we can come in with one of the following services:

Social Media Consultation

CCM is available on a consultant basis to help teach you the ins and outs of managing your own social media. We’ll teach you helpful hints such as: Posting things that interest your clients… not you, best times of the day and week to post certain things, the strategy to grow your following on Facebook and Twitter and so on. Sometimes this may require one meeting, sometimes two or three meetings, sometimes it may even be beneficial for us to manage your Facebook page for one or two months as we help teach you things until you’re comfortable enough to take the reigns. All businesses are uniquely different and we are here to listen and help you form a social media strategy and presence that will work to YOUR benefit.

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Social Media Management

In this service, you are looking to us to manage your Facebook business page, Twitter account or Instagram account… whichever are important and necessary to you. We can post daily on behalf of your business, weekly, etc. We can focus on growing your social media following as well as posting engaging, interesting content. It’s all about keeping your brand top of mind with your customer base. Rates are somewhat negotiable depending upon your needs. We will dedicate a single specialist to your business that will serve as your go-to-contact whenever you have ideas, concerns and needs. We’re your social media department on-call.

Advertising on Social Media

Facebook Ads • Instagram Ads • Linkedin Ads, etc.

So, maybe you’ve got a handle on your day-to-day social media management, but when it comes to running ad campaigns on social media you need help?  It’s okay to admit it. There’s a lot involved to make it work right! Building funnels and targeting the right audiences with the right messages at the right times. When is it right to use a landing pages and an offer versus an actionable form right in someone’s feed? Refining ad campaigns and building ideal, like audiences… We’re pro’s at this. We love it. Let us help run your social media ad campaigns and bring you leads while you focus on doing what you do best!


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