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SEO Services

Online marketing is vital in today’s competitive marketplace. If you’re not on the front pages of Google for your keyword search terms, you’re going to have a tough swim upstream to catch new customers from the web. But have no fear, a good SEO plan that is tailored to your business’ needs can make all the difference in the world. At CCM, we offer a full range of SEO services for small business websites such as the following:

Research & Analysis | Local Search MarketingLocal Landing Pages | Google Ads (Adwords) PPC | Facebook Ads | Display & Retargeting Ads | Youtube Ads | Link-Building | Organic Content Optimization | Fix & Repair

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Organic Keyword Optimization

The words and content, links and titles on each and every page of your website, as well as how your site is even built can make or break you in the search rankings. We can grade your website on its page rank performance based on these and many factors and we will tailor a customized SEO plan specifically for your unique business so you can get the most out of your website at all times. Your site might read how you want it to read to your customers online, but does it read properly for a search engine? If not, new customers will have a hard time finding you. We can help.

Call CCM today to take your site to the next level in the search rankings!

Fix & Repair SEO:

We can optimize your web content for search engines and coordinate SEO efforts that include targeted keyword management, link-building and site structure throughout your website. This service is by quote, hourly.

SEO Research & Analysis

Work performed hourly, given in a custom report with detailed data and a list of recommendations, action plan.


A link-building campaign is highly important for any small business website and here’s why: Having a website that looks nice, has a good call-to-action and keywords with nice title tags, page titles and links is wonderful, but… all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing also weigh outside factors quite heavily.

The most important of those outside factors is the number of quality links going to your website from credible sites using relevant keyword terms and phrases. For instance you might look at your site and compare it to your competitor’s site and argue that your site is better but their site might show up on page #1 of Google and your’s is nowhere to be seen. This is likely because your competitor has many more quality links going to their site while you may not. Say you own a drain cleaning business… your competitor may have a site such as (for example) linking an article back to their website with the term “dependable plumber” for example. Google will see this as a highly credible link and reward them for it. A good link-building campaign focuses on generating many quality keyword links from other credible websites that link to your website. This is done with a variable recipe of directory listings, blogging, citation building, carefully crafted press releases, link optimization and more.

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Local Landing Pages

CCM can customize a Geo-Targeting Local Landing Pages plan for your website for whatever geographical region you’re trying to reach. These pages can greatly enhance your site’s search engine rankings. Roughly 50-200 additional pages can be built (nicely and neatly organized) in an “Areas We Serve” tab. These pages will contain very specific keyword-loaded content describing your business’ services as well as geographically specific search terms such as “weight loss clinic Newport News” for example.

For an example of this service: visit… A client of CCM in the Virginia area, Paramount Builders is a home improvement / windows and siding company. As a testimony to this practice, view the Areas We Serve tab on the website and see the specific cities and zip codes listed within each county. Then do a Google search for any of these cities, such as for example: “replacement windows Great Bridge, VA” or “vinyl siding Hickory, VA”. You’ll see that Paramount Builder’s’ Local Landing Pages by CCM show up as the #1 or #2 organic result in just about every search.

Geo-Targeting Local Landing Pages is a smart marketing practice to get on top of search engines organically as opposed to on the pay-per-click side of things. Using pay-per-click, you’re only as good as your monthly budget…. Paying $800 a month to stay competitive can add up over the course of time. With Local Landing Pages on the other hand, you pay around $3,000 upfront and within a few months you’ve achieved results that stick around for years and years in most instances. That’s a big savings over just a couple months! And you’ve helped your website for the long-term.

Google Ads – Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Bidding on keywords is one proven way to drive traffic to your website. Let CCM manage your keyword bidding and Pay-Per-Click campaigns on search engine leaders such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and more so you can spend time making money and not worrying about how Google works. We are Google Ads certified professionals and we know how to effectively navigate competitive keyword bidding and research in your industry. Google Ad Manager and Google Business offer a robust conglomerate of solutions to get your business to show up at the top of search pages with your custom ads, phone numbers, site extensions, maps, videos and more.

Have questions? Call us today and we’ll be happy to talk to you about Pay-Per-Click and find out if it’s something that makes sense for your business.