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Upgrade Your Site to WordPress

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Why Choose WordPress?

As of 2023, WordPress accounts for +36% of ALL websites on the web. WordPress is by far the most popular website-building platform on the web at more than 455 million websites. At Commonwealth Creative Marketing in Virginia Beach, we specialize in building websites in WordPress. We offer custom-design and theme customizations designed here, in-house to ensure that our clients have truly unique sites that reflect their own individuality and specific brand identity. We also offer a few web design options for various budgets and design preferences.

Wordpress LogoWith WordPress, we can create:



One huge advantage that we love about using it as a Content Management System is the number of customizable plug-ins that exist at our fingertips in the WordPress community. With these plug-ins, we can integrate virtually limitless ecommerce stores, shopping carts, user registrations, event calendars, inventory tracking, databases and more. WordPress makes the back-end administrative site management very easy for anyone to use. Our ecommerce clients especially enjoy this! SEO is also made easy through several great WordPress plugins that we use.


Benefits Of Having a Site Built In WordPress

There are many benefits to having your site built in WordPress as compared to the free web builder you may currently be using for your small business. With a WordPress site you have the power to create a responsive website that adapts to the user’s device (i.e phone, tablet, desktop). Another benefit is that your site will now be easier to optimize for organic search rankings thus indexing higher on Google Searches. If your small business sells products then enjoy the ease of having all of your E-commerce needs in one place such as orders, payments and shipping rates just to name a few.

Responsive Website Design is a forward-thinking approach to web design. With over 68% of all web searches being made on mobile devices now (a number that continues to climb drastically each year), it’s a wise move to have a WordPress site that renders well on all size screens.

Priority SEO Grading
Search Engine Optimization has become a staple for any online business. Enjoy helpful plugins (most of them free) to help optimize your site for keywords, readability and load time. Google Search Engine bots love to crawl WordPress sites because of how easy they can be to read and gather data.

Maximum E-commerce Functionality
Selling your products online just got easier. Enjoy the ease of accessing orders, checking payments and calculating shipping costs all in one place.


WordPress Web Designers in Virginia Beach

As experienced website designers, small businesses have trusted us for over 13+ years to create professional websites and establish an effective online presence. We are accredited by DesignRush and others. The demand for high-quality website design services is strong and we are well positioned to help your small business. Virginia Beach is home to many small and medium-sized businesses in a range of industries, we have worked with a diverse range of clients from retail to service, tourism, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, non-profits and more!