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Too Sweaty To Talk To Your Clientele? Get Over It!

Too Sweaty To Talk To Your Clientele? Get Over It!

Summer Marketing is HOT!Look, I get it; it is really, really, REALLY hot outside.  And it feels really kinda gross and hot even inside.  And the idea of getting into your hot car and driving on the hot roads and having to summon the energy to engage with a client is exhausting and makes you crave a swimming pool or a trip to the Arctic.

I get it.

It does not matter at all.  You still have to connect with your clients.

You have to stay connected, especially during the summer months when everyone goes in different directions and the routines established by schools and holidays is all awry.  It is very easy to lose touch with your clientele during the summer season, and if you can manage to stay connected with a sense of humor and fun, they will SO appreciate you and keep you at top of mind for their next piece of business.  The alternative is that while you are out of sight you are out of mind, and a competitor works the relationship that YOU let lag.  You know, because it’s so hot and all.

So find a way that does not make you grumpy, and try to find some fun in what you have to do anyway.  Show up at their office with popsicles or smoothies or iced coffees, anything that acknowledges the heat and makes you a source of RELIEF.   Give everyone at the front desk a coupon for frozen yogurt or ice-cream.  And then keep your visit brief and upbeat so that YOU become the highlight of the day at your client’s office, shop, or store.

Staying connected during the summer lag will reap you benefits in the cooler months.  And your clients are worth the extra effort!