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The Importance of Google Reviews

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Give a Good Impression of Your Business

In today’s digital age Google Reviews tell prospective customers a lot about your business. Is your service fast? Is your staff friendly? Have you ever “gone above and beyond” for a customer? The Local Search Marketing package from Commonwealth Creative Marketing in Virginia Beach can help you manage these reviews. Think about the last time you looked up a restaurant or small business that you haven’t visited yet, did you pay attention to their average Star Rating or read thru their Reviews? Of course you did because you want to spend your money wisely and somewhere that meets your expectations. A good review can push someone thru the door of your business and become a new customer because people often trust what other people say they have experienced.

Why Reviews are Important to Google

Reviews tell Google more than just how well you service your customers or how friendly your staff was. Reviews also tell Google that your business is active and busy and they notice when you are getting reviews. In a perfect world we would only receive 5 star reviews from our customers but there will always be someone who leaves a bad review, its just inevitable. The best way to combat a negative review is to reply to that customer offering them a resolution to the issue they had faced. Avoid immature replies remember you are representing your business and new customers can see your replies to bad reviews and will judge your overall customer service based on your reply to one disgruntled customer. Google likes to see you reply to reviews as this shows you are engaging with them and paying attention to what people are saying about your business.

CCM Can Help You Manage Your Online Presence

Our Local Search Marketing package provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard to help view, reply and manage any new Google Reviews you receive. But that is just a small portion of what makes this marketing package essential for any small business. Give us a call today and learn more about what our Local Search Marketing package can do for your Google Business Listing.