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Should I Let AI Build My Website?

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Experience Matters

Marketing is easy in the fact that anyone can do it, but deeply understanding it and doing it well while staying on budget is not easy at all. In fact, it takes almost a decade or more to become an expert in it. Oh, and the fun part? Technology is constantly changing and evolving, especially online. The website design team at Commonwealth Creative Marketing in Virginia Beach creates custom designed websites that properly represent your business. There are things AI can make easier such as writing copy, marketing plans, even websites (to a small degree), but AI can’t push anyone across the finish line and drive R.O.I.

Can AI Build a Website for me?

Absolutely. The technology is there. But there are things AI doesn’t understand about your business such as your target audience and geographic location(s) or service area(s). Artificial Intelligence software can give you a head start by building a framework of a website design, some photos (maybe they look nice, usually they aren’t quite perfect!), and it can write some good basic content for you. But you still need to edit it and work from what AI started you off with. It’s never a good-enough “finished product” on the first try.

Most importantly, there are three things that AI really lacks in:

  1. Building a site to Google’s coding specifications
  2. Optimizing a site well enough to lay the groundwork to rank on Google
  3. Keeping up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and ranking criteria

You need a real team of experienced online marketing professionals who understand web design, coding, as well as the latest SEO practices. 

Trust the Human Experience

At Commonwealth Creative Marketing we build sites and marketing programs by humans for humans. We take the time to consult with our clients and understand their business’s wants and needs. We provide you with a powerful online marketing tool to help your business grow. Coupled with our outstanding customer service and quick response time, you will not be left on hold for hours or stuck with a chat bot to get answers to your questions. Call us or just stop by our office in Virginia Beach Virginia to discuss your dream website design.