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Is there a catch to Fiverr logo design?

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logo design is a pretty unique website if you haven’t heard of it. The basic concept is that you can pay $5 for a number of services that other people will perform for you. And of course everything starts at $5. There are premium packages offered by most vendors that give you more for more money. Fiverr has made a name for itself in the areas of logo design, SEO, quick video animation and writing services. But for as little as $5, you may ask.. What’s the catch?

Here’s the deal with Fiverr… There are some professionals on there offering quality work, but there’s also a number of low quality folks that steal template logo designs and pass them off as their own. It’s hard to vet whom you’re dealing with. What you’re basically dealing with on Fiverr is a craps-shoot. From what I’ve seen from browsing the site, as well as heard from real experiences from clients that ended up coming to me, is that most of the Fiverr logo design packages lure you in with low prices but do not offer you any revisions, or high resolution vector art files. Without a vector file of your logo, you or other media sources you may need to use (shirt printers, billboard companies, web developers, etc) will not be able to edit your logo. No ability to increase it’s size/dimensions without creating ugly pixelation issues, no changing backgrounds, etc. (Side note: On the SEO side of things, I can tell you that the backlinks Fiverr sells for $5 are more likely to harm your website’s ranking than help it! ~ definitely stay away on the SEO end of things there).

Another logo design site that’s been gaining some popularity is This site allows you to put out a request for logo design that goes to up to X amount of different designers that can show you the best idea they can come up with. They charge more for this service but the majority of the money goes to 99designs and not to the winning designers. What’s going on here is basically a system of “designers” from third world countries willing to provide comps for the sheer chance at winning the bid for $10 American dollars. And again, there’s the issue of revisions and high resolution vector files, transparent backgrounds files and so on.

There’s a possibility you might get what you’re looking for and at a steal of a price, but with a number of potential catches that really require you to do a lot of vetting, which may be easier said than done upfront due to these sites’ “Pay Now to Begin Communication” type policies.

As professional logo designers in Virginia Beach, VA we get a good number of clients that tried the online logo design route first, and then they come to us because things didn’t work out. One client recently brought us a low resolution logo that they mostly liked but needed a couple small tweaks made. They tried contacting their original designer through the website they used (I won’t mention which one) but couldn’t get a response. It was as if the person had won their business, created and delivered their 1 promised logo file and then signed off the village computer and moved on. Although the client was only out $30 I think it was, they were left with a low res logo we couldn’t do anything with. We had to recreate it for them from scratch, as a vector logo. They got what they wanted finally and of course we offered revisions. I think their quote to us was “Lesson learned, we should’ve worked with a local professional from the beginning, well worth the price and peace of mind.”

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