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Digital Indoor Advertising Virginia Beach

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Indoor Digital Display Advertising

Indoor Digital Display Advertising

CCM is giving your small business the chance to have your ads displayed on hundreds of  screens inside gyms, bars, and restaurants all across Hampton Roads Virginia with indoor digital display advertising. These “indoor billboards” are on large screens inside of top-rated, popular businesses throughout Hampton Roads and the Outer Banks of North Carolina that have a captive audience.

Reach Your Customers On a Whole New Level

This innovative form of advertising allows you to get thousands of impressions at a fraction of the cost of other methods of outdoor advertising. Positioned in attention-grabbing spaces such as the cardio area of fitness clubs or the main dining areas of top- rated community restaurants, bars and popular entertainment venues. The screens are placed in reputable businesses that have substantial foot- traffic. These screens are positioned where people view them whether they are eating, working out, or socializing. For 5-10, even 30 minutes at a time and they will see your marketing message multiple times.

Why Choose Indoor Digital Advertising?

This new form of location screen advertising offers you more flexibility and capability as opposed to just 1 highway billboard. You can have multiple images and marketing initiatives for your business through the culmination of our screens. Our goal is to maximize your impressions, adding significant value to regional brands and organizations like yours. Digital display advertising is attractive, tasteful, and aesthetically appealing. We only work with top-rated companies, and we offer free artwork for one ad.