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How to Improve Your Local Web Presence

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Get More Customers with Local Search Marketing

Are you not ranking as high as you should be in local web searches? Do you see your competitors ahead of you in Google’s search results? Then your business listing on Google may not be properly optimized. With the Local Search Marketing package from Commonwealth Creative Marketing in Virginia Beach we ensure that your business listing is fully optimized. We know what criteria Google is looking for and can help get your business in the map pack at the top of search results.

What is Google Looking For?

There are several key factors that Google looks for when determining your rankings on their web searches. Below we will explain each of those criteria and how the Local Search Marketing program from Commonwealth Creative Marketing helps to improve your web presence.

The Number of quality online directory listings you have

We submit your business information to over 200 online directories that Google uses to find local businesses.

Accuracy of information across all those listings

We ensure that each of the listings we submit is 100% accurate to your business information. Things like phone number, address, operating hours, and even geographic location can be updated with a click of a button in our proprietary system that connects via API to all the major directory systems.

Proper usage of keywords and geography in your business listing descriptions

We make sure that your business listing properly describes what your business does and where you do business with a well-thought-out description, list of services and/or products and attributes.

Positive Reviews

Getting 5-star reviews from your customers and responding to them  is one of the best things you can do to show Google that you are actively monitoring and listening to what customers are saying. We make it easy for you to respond to your customers’ reviews with our Local Search Platform. 

Proximity of your physical location or service area to where the search is made
We optimize your listing using your business’s physical location, so you never miss a chance to be seen locally for your product or service. 

Getting your business listed across the internet is the best way to attract new customers and increase your revenue. No matter what you are selling, potential customers are looking for it online, and in your area. Are they finding your stores? Let our automated software take care of the hard work for you, and drive shoppers to your store because if you don’t appear in the local search results, that sale goes to your competitor.

We Make Keeping Up with Google Business Listings Easier! 

With CCM’s Local Search Platform you can do all the following from one place:

  • Read and Respond to Reviews
  • Upload Photos and Schedule Posts
  • Geotag Photos
  • Keyword Tag Photos
  • Create Posts, Q&A’s
  • View real-time Analytics/Insights reports from Local Search, sort by date range
  • Update Listing Data and Push to All Network Directories

Our service is different because we actually FIX your business’ listings. For good. Our service helps you manage/monitor your online reviews, track keyword clicks to local listings and track directory accuracy as your site’s popularity and credibility grows. All you have to do is keep providing great customer service and strive to get good reviews frequently. If you need your directories fixed, let us fix them and experience the benefits of our Local Search Marketing program for only $69/mo.