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Google Rolling Out Ability to Order Food Directly From Search Results

Google restaurant ordering

Google Online Ordering
May 31, 2019
Over the past week, Google has been rolling out a new ability to order food from local restaurants directly from Search, Maps, and Google Assistant.

Orders processed by services like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, UberEats, ChowNow, and more are coming at a later date according to Google.

The delivery service providers have integrated with Google so orders can be completed without leaving search results. The process can now be as simple as just tapping the “Order Now” button seen in search results, making your selections, and paying securely via Google Pay.

Or, if you prefer, you can order with Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google, order food from [restaurant].”

After placing an order, you can quickly reorder the same thing next time with the command “Hey Google, reorder food from [restaurant].”

Prior to this, Google’s search results would only provide links to food delivery services when users searched for a restaurant or type of food. Clicking on one of those links would prompt users to open or download another app.

Now, users can search for and complete orders all from the same place.