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Starting a Business in Virginia

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How To Start a Business in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a great place to do business because it’s a fairly easy state to operate in with fair tax rates. Some states make it more difficult, a few may make it easier, but very few states offer the diverse demographics and geographical beauty, options and cultural diversity that Virginia does, making it an ideal grounds for clientele for any business. Whether you’re thinking of starting a new business in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Fairfax, Roanoke, Danville or Abington, it’s all basically the same. The following is a helpful list of things that you’ll need to do in order to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

1. Write a business plan.
2. Know your competition.
3. Develop a Marketing plan.
4. Identify what “kind” of business license you should have.
5. Come up with a budget.
6. Market your business.

1. Write a Business Plan

Why are you going into business? What will you sell? How will you sell it? What makes you different? Why are you special? How do you want to be seen in the marketplace? From whom will you get your supplies? What will you offer that will make people come back for more? What is your budget? (see budget below, later). Write out about a 3 pages business plan. Identify the basics and what’s important, but don’t get too in depth with it, spending weeks and months formulating it. The reason why you shouldn’t is because your business Read More »Starting a Business in Virginia

Never Pitch To Them In The Bathroom & 5 Other Networking Tips

Never Pitch To Them In The Bathroom & 5 Other Networking Tips

Note from Kim:  I do a great deal of networking and CCM gets many referrals that are based in relationships founded in networking.  I get questions about the “how” and “why” of networking all the time, so I thought I would let Early explain his viewpoint to you.   Enjoy!


We all have to do it, some hate to do it but fewer people know how to do it! It’s call networking and for some, it is the ultimate ‘dirty word’. Why? We are usually intimidated when we walk into a room of strangers with a hand full of business cards. We don’t know who to talk to first, we don’t have any idea of what we want out of the experience and most importantly, we don’t know what the other person is after. It boils down to knowing your audience and knowing how you can deliver what they REALLY want. Realistically, everybody has a need that they want filled. Here are a few points to remember as you go to your next ‘Networking Event’.

(1) As a rule of thumb, keep conversations to a minimum in the bathroom:  I don’t know about you, but I am usually not in the mood to discuss a sale as I exit a stall. I’m more concerned with washing my hands and getting out. But time after time, I have been approached by an eager networker to get the jump on me. No thanks, let’s chat over the buffet.

(2) Do not start off too ‘Joe’: This is so offensive. When someone walks up and begins joking and talking as if you guys were high school buddies. The real purpose of networking is not to make best friends. It is to provide an introduction to another level of service and resources. So take it slow and respectful.

Read More »Never Pitch To Them In The Bathroom & 5 Other Networking Tips