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Billboard Advertising in Norfolk – Newport News – Hampton Roads

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Craft 60 billboard

Make a Big Impression with a Billboard

Commonwealth Creative Marketing offers billboard advertising throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia including Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. Have your latest promotion or offer posted on busy highways and roadways that your customers travel frequently leading to many impressions and calls to your business. Billboard advertising is a creative and proven attention-grabbing medium putting your business at top of mind of your customers while they drive.

At CCM we act as a broker for billboards, we work with all the local billboard owners whether they’re independently-owned or larger companies. As brokers we get the agency rate which is usually 15-20% cheaper than the regular rate. When you pay us the gross rate (we pay the net rate), you’re paying the same amount you would off the street working with a billboard operator, but we save you time by working directly with all the companies, so you don’t have to. We also put your interests above all else. We’ll find you the available billboards that will work best for your needs, and we’ll never push “inventory that needs to move” on you just because.  It’s always about your needs and which options will work best for your business!  It’s a win/win.. you pay the same amount as you would buying direct, we make a small commission for helping facilitate the buy and do all the hard work for you, including artwork in most cases as well. With over 1,000 great high-traffic billboard locations throughout the Hampton Roads market and the seven cities of Virginia at our arsenal we can truthfully say we offer more billboards than anyone else in the region.

Why Choose a Billboard?

There are so many reasons why you should choose a billboard for advertising your next big marketing project. Here are some of the most important objectives you can achieve when advertising on a billboard.

  • Target specific geographies or demographics
  • Target high-traffic main roads in Virginia Beach, Newport News, & Norfolk
  • Showcase unforgettable creativity that will get people talking.
  • Reach your customers on the freeways and surface streets that they use to commute and shop every day.
  • Strategically target your business, your competitor’s location(s) or common destinations of your audience
  • Stand out above the rest of the competition with the largest ad message around.
  • Build brand or product recognition fast and affordably!

Take Your Advertising to the Next Level!

Commonwealth Creative Marketing is your source for Billboard Advertising in Virginia Beach and the surrounding cities including Newport News and Norfolk. Working with us will save you time and money and produce great results. Call us today and learn more about our billboard advertising marketing program!