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5 Content Improvements That Can Boost Your Local SEO 

local SEO

local SEOWhen it comes to SEO, you have probably heard a lot about local SEO as essential factors and concerns in digital marketing.

It’s part of science, art, and a lot of mystery. And no matter what anyone tells you, there isn’t a person on earth who knows exactly how to utilize it.

This informative article breaks out that mystery for you with 5 Content Improvements That Can Boost Your Local SEO, which means you may obtain an excellent crystal concept of some local SEO tips that would take a prominent position in your marketing strategy and help you grow your business faster than you can imagine.

1.   Focus on local keywords

Studies reveal that 80% of users use a search engine to find local information. They surf search engines to help them find businesses in their area, which offer the products or services they need.

For your business to appear in these search results, you need to integrate local keywords into your site to rank. And to find keywords for local search, you need to have local SEO keyword research, which is the process of finding specific key terms that will help you appear in search results relevant to your company and target market.

Keyword research tools, like Ubersuggest, will help you find a list of applicable terms, and with this list, you can discover ideas for keywords to include on your site.

For example, if you’re a photographer in California, you may start by searching “photographer in California.” By inserting that information into a keyword tool research like Ubersuggest, you get a list of suggested keywords related to that search term. 

One last tip for focusing on local keywords is to insert them consistently in your URL because when it comes to URL structure, consistency is critical for ranking purposes.

2.   Write location-specific content

If you want to augment your relevance to local searchers and help your business stand out from the crowd, it’s a perfect idea to regularly include location-specific content.

But you might ask yourself why is location-specific content so valuable if it means narrowing down your potential audience?

For 3 reasons:

  • It’s way better to have a handful of people very interested in your content than lots of people only momentarily interested in it.
  • A specific location content is also a perfect way to boost your optimization for local keywords terms. If you plan your strategy persistently, you can improve your rankings for local searches and attract more people within that area to your business.
  • Writing local content is also an excellent way to distinguish your company from your competitors’ ones. Most companies focus almost exclusively on a national audience, so you’ll stand out if you target a narrower audience section.

Now that you know why location-specific content is so important. Let’s talk about How to Nail it.

Could you keep it clean, fresh, and simple?

Google My BusinessLocal search is changing, and it needs to be accurate, to the point, and current enough to keep up with it. So, you need to ensure that you’re updating all of the local details included in your local content regularly at Google My business.

This might include your name, address, and phone number (NAP) information, your business name, and working hours. Besides, your local content should also reflect your current promotions, campaigns, and discounts.

And to hit the spot, a business has to offer something universal yet unique enough to be discovered by consumers in a local neighborhood, not only your city; remember to narrow your aspect to get more interesting long-lasting followers and customers.

Optimize your Title tags, Headings, URLs, and Meta descriptions

By optimizing your title tags to your headings, URLs, meta descriptions, and alt text, you can give yourself an added SEO boost and ensure that none of your well-researched, long-tail keywords are going to waste.

Write ‘local’ Headlines

Make sure the snippet of your web page that Google or other search engines show in the search results is optimized for local SEO.

Your audience is searching for that photographer nearby, the hair salon around the corner, or that babysitter that’ll come to their house, so keep your headline catchy, direct, and straightforward.

Give a good first impression

Now you’ve convinced people to click on your snippet in the search results; you should persuade them to stay on your website. When you’re a babysitter, a massage therapist, a kitchen helper, or a digital marketer, you basically have to sell yourself. A good picture is a key to making a strong first impression. Your website should reflect your business. If you have a physical shop, make sure to publish some high-quality, optimized photos of your business – and perhaps your team members – on your website.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are free, so it’s not a surprise that they can be a significant step to stay in front of your audience. Google and other search engines will crawl and pull search results from your social platforms, such as Facebook profiles and reviews, your business’ LinkedIn, or YouTube and even your Twitter account and your recent tweets.

Optimize for Voice Search

Hundreds of millions of voice searches occur every day on devices like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google. Many of those searchers are looking for local businesses.

Watch out for feedback and reviews.

Feedbacks are a form of content that many local business owners mistreat. While you need positive reviews for social engagement, you also need them to support your local SEO efforts. It would be best if you put consistent effort into getting reviews. 

Link the business address on your website to a Google Map

To help people find your business locations from their smartphone by adding Google Maps links to your website.

3.   Optimize your About Us page locally

When creating a website, the about us page is one of the first holds up pages you will likely design for your website, regardless of the business you’re in. 

Here we’ve got you covered with some tips to follow while you’re creating your ‘About Us’ page.

Recite your story

Passionate storytelling is what turns a featureless sales pitch into a friendly and personal ‘About Us’ page. It allows potential customers to interact with you. A story enlightens your brand and makes you stand out from the crowds.

Make it about your readers

It’s an ‘About Us’ page, but your readers and followers are the air for your business. Your website visitors figured their way to your website because they are facing an issue that needs solving. If you can prove that you have been in their shoes and have a feasible solution, they will believe you and come for your business.

Contain an email sign up form or any call to action button

If you have convinced your visitors about your story. Hence, It seems that people want to subscribe to you while reading about you or visit your catalogue or podcast, whatever call to action that will keep them engaged and future visitors.

4.   Create buzz and get the attention of local news

Word-of-mouth marketing or Buzz is best described as “people talking about your business.”. The charmer of buzz is that it can happen naturally and lasts forever. If you have people talking about you, your work is done. Not only that, but it’s also free!

Marketing and initiating buzz are some of the most challenging aspects of running a business. You need loyal customers to push you to the top. Here for you are some sources you might be interested in using them for marketing your business:

  • Local newspaper: newspaper advertising may be expensive, but if you’re inspired, you can find some free routes to promote your restaurant in your local newspaper.
  • Local television: more than Ads As with newspapers, local TV channels are about more than just buying costly advertising space. Also, if your budget permits it, you can certainly explore some television commercials rates.
  • Blogs: the key to content marketing because they are essential to your online marketing. They are a fantastic place to create buzz, share videos, and post content interesting to potential visitors and followers. 
  • The social media splash: you can’t neglect social media as it is perhaps one of the top ways to build buzz for your business.

5.   Partner up with local businesses and influencers

Influencer marketing is the modern-day key for marketing and promoting your business; influencers are found online, typically on social media, YouTube, or blogs.

These “influencers” have large numbers of loyal fans. When your business partners with an influencer, you are essentially asking them to mention or promote your product or business in one of their social media posts, videos, or blog posts – but in a very natural way.

That is the key to go viral through their fans’ shares; besides, having high-quality backlinks from a trustful website is a massive boost for your SEO in general.


SEO changes quite every single day. You never know when search engines will initiate new features on its SERPs for local searches.

That’s why it’s essential to always stay on top of local SEO. By implementing these 5 achievable tips, you will ensure that your business doesn’t just take advantage of profitable local searches and has a concrete base when new SEO features are introduced. 

If you’re ready to command the local search results, we urge you to try the tips above. It’s a process that has been tested with tons of websites running on local SEO campaigns. And it is workable but always keep in mind that consistency is the key.

Here are some free SEO training courses for beginners too if you are just starting out in your SEO journey. They will help you get through the basics and set the foundations for your local SEO campaigns.

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