Local SEO Company

Local SEO Company

Trust the Top Local SEO Company in Calgary

Search Engine Optimization is the methodology par excellence for you to position your website and attract the organic traffic necessary to achieve the profitability of your business. However, not all companies need to compete on a global level. There are many local businesses, which need to attract only the public around them.

If you have a local business, it is wise to apply local SEO. To do this, you must have a top of the line SEO services in Calgary that specializes in local SEO. It is essential to understand what these specialized agencies can do for you, and where you can find the finest local SEO Company in Calgary.

What Can A Premier Local SEO Agency Do For You?

A leading Calgary AB SEO agency will apply specific techniques, which will allow you to appear in the results highlighted in the SERPs. These are some of the main tactics for an ideal local SEO in Calgary:


The Name Adress Phone is the ultimate identification card for any local business. In that sense, it is essential that the NAP is standardized, and appears exactly the same wherever you have a presence. For Google, “St. Louis Pizza” and “Saint Louis Pizza” are two different businesses. The agency must define a single NAP, and then correct it on your website, on your social networks, and on all listings (such as Yelp or Foursquare) where you appear. That way, the search engines will always know it’s you.

Content & Keywords

The content strategy should be focused on your location. In that sense, the foremost Calgary SEO companies should assist you in finding the keywords that best position you in your area of influence. It should be simple but powerful. Keep in mind that your user will most likely read it from a mobile phone since, according to Google, 86% of local searches are made from these devices.


One of the vital listings for proper positioning is Google My Business. The SEO agency must register your company and set up your account with GMB. It must also include relevant information, such as location, photos, opening hours, and other elements that enrich the description of your company. It is also essential that the agency places you in the right categories so that you can appear promptly in the SERPs.

Structured Data

The Schema Markup system allows you to contribute relevant data of your business to the search engines, with the intention that they can identify and position you better. The company you select must find the ideal schemas to define your business and insert them properly in the code of your pages. This way, you will be indexed more efficiently, and you will have greater visibility.


Finally, keep in mind that users take rankings and opinions very much into account when deciding which company to select. The top local SEO agency should establish strategies that encourage your satisfied users to rate you and to leave good comments.

Trust the Best

If you want to stand out in your locality with the greatest Local SEO, you are in the ideal place. NUUN is the leading digital marketing agency in positioning businesses in your area, and we are ready to boost your business. Let us provide you with customized solutions that make you stand out and get the return you expect. Call us or contact us for a free consultation with a digital marketing expert.

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