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Maximize Current Efforts for Online ROI

June 7, 2012 | Posted in Measuring Online Results | By

Maximize Current Efforts for Online ROI

What are your current marketing efforts?  Are they working?   You don’t want to take anything away from those efforts to grow your online marketing presence, right?  Good news; you don’t have to.  There is a lot you can do to maximize your current offline efforts using free or very inexpensive online tie-ins.

Believe it or not,  “Direct mail is still a very effective method of marketing, as a matter of fact it is still has one of the highest response rates of all marketing and it is forecasted that between now and 2014 the direct mail industry as a whole will see an increase in business every year.” ~ http://throttle-media.net/tag/traditional-marketing/

How can you use this knowledge online?  For starters, direct mail should always feed into your website.  In fact, any print marketing; local newspaper ad, postcards, door hangers, should consistently drive new visitors to your website. Always add your website address and your social media accounts to your print marketing.