» Commonwealth Creative Marketing Appears on the Drop & Give Me 20 Podcast

CCM Featured on the Drop & Give Me 20 Podcast

November 1, 2016

Our own Marc Bethel, stopped by the Drop & Give Me 20 Podcast this week to talk web design, entrepreneurship and more with host Lindsey Germono.

Drop & Give Me 20 is a podcast geared somewhat specifically to active duty or retired military entrepreneurs or military spouse entrepreneurs. Marc, one of CCM’s partners and Production Director had the honor of being the podcast’s first ever guest without any direct military service connection. However, he deals with numerous military entrepreneurs as clients and helps them launch their branding, marketing and web presence. We have quite a few small businesses here in the Virginia Beach area that are owned and operated by military members and/or military families. The episode itself does not really focus much at all on military though, as it’s much more about what a new business owner should know and expect when it comes to websites.

You can give it a listen right here: http://germono.com/004-commonwealth-creative-marketing/


We’re Moving to Virginia Beach!

April 2, 2016

CCM (Commonwealth Creative Marketing) is moving to a new location in April 2016 to 4772 Euclid Road in Virginia Beach, VA. After 5+ years at our Norfolk location, we will be moving down the street to a location near Virginia Beach’s Town Center. One thing we’re excited about is that passersby on I-264 will be able to see our new location which will be located next door to Congressman Scott Rigell’s regional office. The new location will be on the first floor and offer easier accessibility for clients and a more spacious and comfortable feel. For our clients on the Peninsula who may be less inclined to meet at our office (especially during certain hours of the day), we will continue to offer meetings at our client’s location or in our satellite meeting room in Hampton.

An email will soon be sent to clients informing them of the change of address and billing will also soon reflect the change. Nothing is changing in the scope of services that we offer.

virginia beach web design companies

CCM was founded in 2010 as a web design firm in Norfolk and has grown into a full service ad agency geared for small to midsize businesses. CCM has clients in 14 states but primarily serves local businesses in Hampton Roads with their marketing needs. Learn more about CCM’s services here.

We look forward to seeing you at our new offices soon!


CCM Nominated for American Advertising Federation Award

December 7, 2015

CCM has been nominated for an award in Most Effective Creative Design in an Outdoor Campaign for our 2015 campaign for The Virginia Department of Health’s Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program.

Since July, WIC’s enrollment of qualifying participants in the program has increased 15% in Hampton Roads, where the campaign is running. Here are a few photos of the billboards in action:


If you’re interested in effective billboard, and outdoor advertising as well as media placement at reduced rates, contact CCM at 757-858-2020 or info@ccm-web.com.


DON’T FALL FOR THE Websitebackup.com SCAM

A popular scam may be hitting your mailbox soon. A company by the name of Websitebackup.com is sending unauthorized invoices (usually in the amount of $70) for website backup services never rendered. The invoices are sent via U.S. Postal Service standard mail and look very much like a legitimate invoice. The company, Websitebackup.com appears to actually be a real company that does in fact offer such services, however, this unsolicited marketing tactic is a blatant scam, preying on business owners in an effort to trick them into thinking this is an invoice for something they need to pay.

If you receive one of these invoices from Websitebackup.com, simply throw it in the trash. It’s not a real bill. It’s unsolicited. Nothing will be sent to collections, and this company does not even have access to your website. If in doubt, contact your website hosting company and explain what you received to them. We received two calls from customers today who had received the Websitebackup.com scam in the mail and wanted to make sure it wasn’t something we authorized or wanted them to pay. As a professional website hosting and site management company that works primarily with small businesses, these types of scams truly sadden us. It’s our mission to let our customers and the world know that this is a scam.

An Example of the Websitebackup.com Invoice Scam here.


Making Sense of that Horrible Nationwide Super Bowl Ad

So much has been said of Nationwide Insurance’s totally depressing Super Bowl XLIV commercial that featured a dead child. “Who thought this was a good idea?” “Who approved this?” These are things I keep hearing. I figured I’d try and make some sense of this ad and break it down a little more.

Watch it here if you somehow missed it: